I was born and raised in southern Connecticut.   I can remember my initial inspiration to play drums and it's the same for many, watching a clip of Buddy Rich doing his thing...I was floored, and knew if I was going to get involved in music drums would be the route.  

I've had plenty of musical influences growing up but mostly my older brother who turned me on to the more "hip" rock and blues music and eventually jazz/fusion  that the kids in my age group just weren't ready for.

Backwater Blues Band
Mike Nolting

I moved to Florida almost six year years ago and while settling down here I always expected to find a solid group to play out with again. 

I feel very fortunate to be part of the Backwater Blues Band and look forward to creating and having some great moments and great times in gigs to come. 


  • Mapex Pro M 5 piece Midnight Black finish.
  • 24X18 Bass Drum
  • 14X10 Rack tom
  • 16X16 floor toms
  • 18X16 floor toms
  • 14X8 Maple snare
  • 12X7 Black panther maple snare
  • Ziljian Cymbals
  • Pearl p122tw Double pedal
  • Cad KBM412 and TSM411 drum microphones.



I had played in some pretty energetic and fun local groups in the past, Ryder, Prisoner, Headfirst to name a few, that played all over Connecticut into New York and Long Island.  My all time favorite drummers and influences of my own style have to be John Bonham, Dennis Chambers, Billy Cobham and Dave Weckl, and I know I've left out quite a few more.  Living in close proximity to NYC I found myself many times checking out some of these players in clubs like Sweet Basil, The China Club and The Bottom Line.